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Airborne Wind Energy holds the promise of a revolutionarily more effective means of harnessing the power of the wind.  AWE unleashes the blade, or wing, of a turbine from its fixed structure and allows it to fly.  With flight comes the ability to sweep large areas of the sky to capture significantly more of the wind’s power.  Windlift is one of the first companies to pursue this new technology.


Windlift has developed in the last 2 years systems that use AWE to access winds at the same height as the largest of conventional wind turbines without the costly, colossal structures required by a wind turbine.  The pace of development in this field is tremendous.  Windlift foresees that current development of this innovative new technology will dramatically lower the cost, the footprint and the installation burden of Wind Power.


Windlift’s current system is designed to provide distributed renewable energy to off-grid locations.  The system is ideal for use in communities in the developing world, remote agricultural areas, research facilities, mining operations and for disaster relief.  It has been developed for off-grid applications such as: lighting, cooking, pumping water, compressing air, and charging batteries.        



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