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Windlift is featured in David Greenfield’s video blog on designnews.com.

Watch the video >>

(February 2011)




Windlift’s technology is featured in a National Instruments case study on ni.com.  

Read the case study >>

(January 2011)




Windlift is featured in an article in Wind Systems Magazine.   Read the article >>

(January 2011)





Windlift demonstrates controlled, sustained flight with the Model 8 system. Watch the video >>

(December 2010)


Windlift will be attending the Airborne Wind Energy Conference at Stanford University September 28-29.  Windlift’s founder, Robert Creighton, is an invited speaker.





First testing of the Model 8 machine. Watch the video >>

(August 2010)



Windlift receives attention in Marc Gunther’s blog.  Mr. Gunther is a contributing editor at Fortune magazine and a consultant who focuses on business and sustainability. Read the article >>

(April 2010)


WindLift presents at Alternative Energy Innovations conference in San Francisco. Learn more >>

(October 2008)



Robert Creighton’s vision for Windlift is promoted by the Journal Sentinel. Read the article >>   

(June 2008)



Robert Creighton gives a presentation on the basics of airborne wind energy and Windlift’s technology. Watch the video  >>

(June 2008)



Windlift moves to North Carolina to pursue better testing grounds. Read an excerpt from the Windlift Blog >>

(June 2008)



Rob Creighton’s successful start with Windlift is featured by the Wisconsin Entrepreneur Network. Read the article  >>   



Robert Creighton, founder and CEO of Windlift, is shown on the news demonstrating his homemade prototype and vision for the company. Watch the video  >>



Up in the clouds; the next renewable energy frontier may be over our heads                  

Daily Press (Jan. 24, 2011)

Engineers can take wind swirling above mountainsides and the ocean and turn it into electricity.  But what about using winds that are 10,000 feet above ground? Conceptually, the answer is yes.  Mark Moore, an aerospace engineer at NASA Langley Research Center who studies wind power, goes a step further: Harnessing wind from the clouds, Moore said, may someday become the United States' most potent source of renewable energy.




African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power                  

The New York Times (Dec. 24, 2010)

As small-scale renewable energy becomes cheaper, more reliable and more efficient, it is providing the first drops of modern power to people who live far from slow-growing electricity grids and fuel pipelines in developing countries. Although dwarfed by the big renewable energy projects that many industrialized countries are embracing to rein in greenhouse gas emissions, these tiny systems are playing an epic, transformative role.




Army striving for ‘net zero’ energy use

United States Army (Nov. 2, 2010)

The Army has a goal of “net zero” energy consumption by 2030 to provide energy security.  Increasing efficiency and finding new generation capabilities are part of the plan.




Goal Looms for U.N.: Ending ‘Energy Poverty’

The New York Times (Oct. 04, 2010)

That could be accomplished with only a minor bump in global greenhouse emissions because many parts of the world -– principally rural regions not yet connected to an electricity grid –- can best be electrified with renewable energy sources.




U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels The New York Times (Oct. 04, 2010)

With insurgents attacking American fuel supply convoys into Afghanistan, the military is pushing renewable energy sources like solar power.




Militants attack Nato tanker convoy in Pakistan

BBC (Oct. 04, 2010)

“Militants in Pakistan have destroyed 27 tankers which were carrying fuel for Nato troops in Afghanistan.”  Reducing military fossil fuel requirements is the perfect application for our product.




Renewables continue remarkable growth      

Renewableenergyworld.com (Sept  27, 2010)

“For the second year in a row, more money was invested in new renewable power capacity than in new fossil fuel capacity.”




Affordable and reliable energy requires real political will

UN News Centre  (Sept 21, 2010)

“...a lack of access slows economic growth, hampers poverty eradicates and affects education, health care and other vital services...”      




Lets Get Wind Power Off the Ground

 Miller-McCune (Nov. 1, 2009)

The entrepreneurs of airborne wind energy are highlighted in an article in Miller-McCune magazine exploring the untapped potential of wind.




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